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IGNOU B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2020

IGNOU B.SC Solved Assignment For 2020 Session

If you were searching for the IGNOU B.SC Semester Solved Assignment for 2020 Session then finally you are at right place as IGNOU B.SC Solved Assignment for 2020 is now available for download. You can download the PDF files from here.
IGNOU B.SC Solved Assignment For 2020 Session 20


Course Name Course Code Download PDF
Foundation Course in English-1 FEG-01 Download
Foundation Course in Science and Technology FST-01 Download
Foundation Course in Hindi BHDF-01 Download
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences FHS-1 Download
Foundation Course in English FEG-02 Download

Anyone of the following Courses

Foundation Course in Bengali FGB-01 Download
Foundation Course in Gujarati FGT 1 Download
Foundation Course in English-2 FEG-2 Download
Foundation Course in Hindi-1 FHD-1 Download
Foundation Course in Sanskrit BSKF-01 Download

Elective Courses of Life Sciences

Cell Biology LSE-01 Download
Ecology LSE-02 Download
Genetics LSE-03 Download
Laboratory Course-I LSE-04(L) Download
Physiology LSE-05 Download
Developmental Biology LSE-06 Download
Taxonomy and Evolution LSE-07 Download
Laboratory Course-II LSE-08(L) Download
Animal Diversity-I LSE-09 Download
Animal Diversity-II LSE-10 Download
Animal Diversity Lab LSE-11(L) Download
Plant Diversity-I LSE-12 Download
Plant Diversity-II LSE-13 Download
Plant Diversity Lab LSE-14(L) Download

Elective Courses of Physics

Elementary Mechanics PHE-01 Download
Oscillations and Waves PHE-02 Download
Physics Laboratory-I BPHL-103 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-I PHE-04 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-II PHE-05 Download
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics PHE-06 Download
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07 Download
Physics Laboratory-II PHE-08(L) Download
Optics PHE-09 Download
Electrical Circuits and Electronics PHE-10 Download
Modern Physics PHE-11 Download
Physics Laboratory-III PHE-12(L) Download
Physics of Solids PHE-13 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-III PHE-14 Download
Astronomy and Astrophysics PHE-15 Download
Communication Physics PHE-16 Download

Elective Courses of Chemistry

Atoms and Molecules CHE-01 Download
Inorganic Chemistry CHE-02 Download
Chemistry Lab-1 CHE-03(L) Download
Physical Chemistry CHE-04 Download
Organic Chemistry CHE-05 Download
Organic Reaction Mechanism CHE-06 Download
Chemistry Lab-II CHE-07(L) Download
Chemistry Lab-III CHE-08(L) Download
Bio chemistry CHE-09 Download
Spectroscopy CHE-10 Download
Chemistry Lab-IV CHE-11(L) Download
Chemistry Lab-V CHE-12(L) Download
Application-Oriented Courses
Feature Writing (English) AFW-E Download
Feature Lekhan (Hindi) AFW (H) Download
Writing for Radio (English) AWR-E Download
Radio Lekhan (Hindi) AWR-H Download
Translation (English 4 cr. + Hindi 4 cr.) ATR-1 Download
Organizing Childcare Services ACC-1 Download
Nutrition for the Community ANC-1 Download
Human Environment (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) AHE-01 Download
Marketing AMK-1* Download
Export Procedures and Documentation AED-1* Download
Office Organization & Management AOM-1* Download
Secretarial Practice ASP-1* Download
Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) AMT-01 Download
Consumer Studies ACS-1 Download
Teaching Strategies CTE-3 Download
Teaching English – Elementary School To be taken CTE-4 Download
Teaching English – Secondary School (with CTE-3 take any one either CTE-4 or CTE-5) CTE-5 Download
Statistical Techniques AST-01** Download
Operations Research AOR-01** Download
Environmental Chemistry (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Labwork) AEC-01*** Download
Integrated Pest Management (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) APM-01**** Download
Introduction to Environment NEV-001 Download



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