IGNOU Study Material

This post contains links to all IGNOU study materials, which are completely free. Our mission is to make your learning an enjoyable experience.






MBA (Master of Business Administration)

MCOM (Master of Commerce)

MCA_NEW (Master of Computer Applications)

MSCDFSM (Master of Science (Food Nutrition))

MEC (Master of Arts (Economics))

MADE (Master of Arts (Distance Education))

MAEDU (Master of Arts (Education))

MAAE (Master of Arts (Adult Education))

MEG (Master of Arts (English))

MADVS (Master of Arts (Development Studies))

MGPS (Master of Arts (Gandhi and Peace Studies))

MAGD (Master of Arts (Gender and Development Studies))

MAWGS (Master of Arts (Women and Gender Studies))

MHD (Master of Arts (Hindi))

MAH / MHI (Master of Arts (History))

MSCCFT (Master of Science (Counselling and Family Therapy))

MSK (Master of Arts (Sanskrit))

MAPY (Master of Arts (Philosophy))

MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences)

MSCMACS (Master of Science (Mathematics with Application in Computer Science))

MPS (Master of Arts (Political Science))

MAPC (Master of Arts (Psychology))

MPA (Master of Arts (Public Administration))

MARD (Master of Arts (Rural Development))

MAAN (Master of Arts (Anthropology))

MSW (Master of Social Work)

MTTM (Master of Tourism and Travel Management)

MATS (Master of Arts (Translation Studies))

MSO (Master of Arts (Sociology))

MAJMC (Master of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication))

MSCENV (Master of Science (Environmental Science))

MAUD (Master of Arts (Urdu))

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