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IGNOU Free Solved Assignment 2023-2024


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We Provide You FREE IGNOU SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023-24 tips for Session July 2023 January 2024 Session Reference Material. The last date for submission of Assignments for January 2024 Term-end-Examination has been extended up to 30th April 2024

This assignment Session is valid from June 2023 to December 2023 If you have failed in this assignment or failed to submit it by 2022-23, then you need to get the assignment for the year 2023-24 and submit it as per the instructions given in the Programme Guide. Please select your subjects

BAG|BCOMG|BSCG|BA|MA|BCOM|MCOM|BDP FOUNDATION COURSE | BDP B.A ENGLISH | BDP B.A HINDI | BDP B.A CTE | BDP B.A Political Science | BDP B.A Elective course in Sociology | BDP B.A Psychology | BDP B.A Public Administration | BDP B.A History | BDP B.A Economic | BDP B.A Philosophy

Important link:- IGNOU Assignment Front Page/Cover Page Free Download

Select your Subject /Programme Code


Download BAG Assignment
Download BCOMG Assignment
Download BSCG Assignment



Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics (BAECH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History (BAHIH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Political Science (BAPSH)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology (BAPCH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Public Administration (BAPAH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology (BASOH)
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Anthropology (BACANH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English (BAEGH) Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Hindi (BAHDH)


BDP BA Solved Assignment (Bachelor of Arts)

Download BA English Assignment
Download BA Hindi Assignment
Download BA Economics Assignment
Download BA History Assignment
Download BA Philosophy Assignment
Download BA Public Administration Assignment
Download BA Sociology Assignment
Download BA Social Work Assignment
Download BA Certificate in Teaching of English CTE(BDP)
Download Psychology (BPC) Assignment
Download BA Political Science Assignment
Download BA URDU Assignment


Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce

Download B.Com Assignment
Download M.Com Assignment


MA Solved Assignment (Master of Arts)

Download MA English Assignment
Download MA Hindi Assignment
Download MA History Assignment
Download MA Economics Assignment
Download MA Political Science Assignment
Download MA Public Administration Assignment
Download MA Sociology Assignment
Download MA Rural Development Assignment
Download MA Social Work Assignment
Download MA Psychology Assignment
Master of Arts (Philosophy)
Master of Arts (Anthropology) (MAAN)


Bachelor of Science (B.sc)

Download B.Sc Physics Assignment
Download B.Sc Mathematics Assignment
Download B.Sc Chemistry Assignment
Download B.Sc LIFE SCIENCES Assignment


Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Download BCA Revised 1st Sem Assignment Download BCA Revised 2nd Sem Assignment Download BCA Revised 3rd Sem Assignment
Download BCA Revised 4th Sem Assignment Download BCA Revised 5th Sem Assignment Download BCA Revised 6th Sem Assignment


Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Download MCA Revised 1st Sem Assignment Download MCA Revised 2nd Sem Assignment Download MCA Revised 3rd Sem Assignment
Download MCA Revised 4th Sem Assignment Download MCA Revised 5th Sem Assignment Download MCA Revised 6th Sem Assignment


Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business

Download BBA Assignment
Download MBA Assignment



Download BTS Assignment
Download MTM/MTTM Assignment



Download BSW Assignment
Download MSW Assignment


Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Library and Information Science and Master’s
Degree Programme in Library and Information Science

Download BLIS Assignment
Download MLIS Assignment


Bachelor of Education and Master of Education

Download B.ED Assignment
Download M.ED Assignment



Download DNHE Assignment
Download PGDIBO Assignment
Download DTS Assignment
Download DNA Assignment

How can you check your assignment status?

Visit this link of IGNOU Official Website for Assignment Status – https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.

  • For Assignment/ Project/ Practical Submission Status Checking, Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  • Enter the Programme Code
  • Hit Submit Button and our Status will open up.


How to make IGNOU Assignment?


Some IGNOU Assignments/Study Materials/Sapers Reference Material are Free of Cost So Hurry Up!!! 2021-22

Our AssignmentGURU TEAM Panel of Experts has done the crucial step for you. They have made IGNOU Solved Assignments Reference Materials, Everything You Need for Your Solved Assignments Go to http://shop.ignouassignmentguru.com/

The following steps can be followed to make an IGNOU Solved Assignment:

1. Purchase the IGNOU Solved Assignment: You can purchase the IGNOU Solved Assignment from shop.ignouassignmentguru.com

2. Download the Assignment: After purchasing the Solved Assignment, you will need to download it from the website.

3. Read the Assignment: After downloading the assignment, you should read it thoroughly and understand the concepts and topics covered in the assignment.

4. Research the Topics: After understanding the concepts and topics, you should research the topics and gather relevant information from reliable sources.

5. Write the Assignment: Now you can start writing the assignment. Make sure that you format the assignment according to the guidelines provided by IGNOU.

6. Proofread the Assignment: After writing the assignment, it is important to proofread it for any errors or mistakes.

7. Submit the Assignment: Finally, you can submit the assignment to the university.

Read more: https://www.ignouassignmentguru.com/how-to-make-ignou-solved-assignment/

How to get good marks in IGNOU assignment?

  • Read the instructions carefully: Before you start writing your Ignou assignment, read the instructions and the marking scheme carefully. This will give you an idea of what you need to include in your assignment and how you can score marks.
  • Research thoroughly: Ignou assignments require extensive research. Make sure you read a lot of material and collect enough information to write an effective assignment.
  • Use simple language: Avoid complex language and stick to simple words. This will make your assignment easier to understand and your points will be better articulated.
  • Structure your assignment: Structure your assignment properly by dividing it into sections and subsections. This will help you present your ideas in a better manner.
  • Check for errors: After writing your assignment, read it carefully and check for any spelling or grammatical errors. This will help you score more marks.
  • Follow the guidelines: Make sure that you follow the guidelines provided by Ignou, such as the word limit and the format. This will ensure that you do not lose any marks.

Read more: https://www.ignouassignmentguru.com/ignou-solved-assignment-free/

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