CTE-05 TEACHING ENGLISH – SECONDARY SCHOOL Solved Assignment 2018-2019

CTE-05 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Answer all questions
1 Write short notes on any four of the following: 20
i Learners with visual disabilities
ii Skimming and scanning in reading comprehension
iii Difference between spoken and written language
iv Training in study skills is the job of a language teacher
v Student participation in Assessment
2 Study the poem given below and decide which grade/class (level of learners) would you
teach it to. Justify your choice of level of learner by specifying aspects of the poem. Also
prepare five questions/activities that you plan to use to teach the poem. 20
The boy was barely five years old.
We sent him to the little school
And left him there to learn the names
Of flowers in jam jars on the sill
And learn to do as he was told.
He seemed quite happy there until
Three weeks afterwards, at night,
The darkness whimpered in his room.
I went upstairs, switched on his light,
And found him wide awake, distraught,
Sheets mangled and his eiderdown
Untidy carpet on the floor.
I said “Why can’t you sleep? A pain?
He snuffled, gave a little moan,
And then he spoke a single word:
‘Jessica.’ The sound was blurred.
‘Jessica? What do you mean?
‘A girl at school called Jessica,
She hurts’ – he touched himself between
The heart and stomach – ‘she has been
Aching here and I can see her.’
Nothing I read or heard
Instructed me in what to do.
I covered him and stroked his head.
‘The pain will go, in time.’ I said.
by Vernon Scannell
3 Why is spoken English important in a language curriculum? How would you use
discussion and role play for enhancing the speaking skills of your learner? 8+12
4 What are the different types of writing? Discuss any four of them. 20
5 What are the advantages of grammar games? Discuss their feasibility in your class.
How do grammar games and grammar practice activities differ from traditional
grammar exercises? Explain with examples of each type.

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