AWR-1 / BEGA-102 APPLICATION ORIENTED COURSE IN WRITING FOR RADIO in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020

AWR-1 / BEGA-102 in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020


AWR 1 (E) AND BEGA 102
Programme: BDP
Assignment Code: BDP/TMA/2019-20
Max Marks: 100

Title Name

AWR-1 / BEGA-102 Solved Assignment 2019-20

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BA(Application Oriented Courses)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: BA(Application Oriented Courses)
Session 2019-20
Short Name AWR-1 / BEGA-102 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code BDP/TMA/2019-20
Product Assignment of BA(Application Oriented Courses) 2019-2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date before March 31th, 2020 for the session July, 2019 and
before September 30th, 2020 for the session January 2020



Note : This assignment has 8 questions. Attempt all of them and answer each question in
approximately 300-350 words, unless stated otherwise.
1. Write a note on the major educational projects in India.
Trace the history of radio in the west and in India.
2. Describe some of the new developments in audio broadcast.
What are some basic guidelines for writing for the radio? Discuss in details.
3. How are Public Service Announcements different from commercial advertisements?
Explain the role of sound effects (SFX) in a radio script.
4. State and explain the difference between a radio documentary, a radio feature and a
radio profile.
Describe the different types of interviews and how to conduct them.
5. Write Public Service Announcements on all three of the following:
a) Do not use mobiles while driving
b) Organ donation
c) Don’t drink and drive
6. Write a radio script for discussion on any one of the following:
a) Social media: A blessing or curse?
b) Reading books vs. watching TV.
c) Can money buy happiness?
7. Script a radio play based on one of the following proverbs:
a) You reap what you sow
b) Waste not, want not
c) All’s well that ends well.
Your target listeners are children between 12-14 years of age.
8. The following poem has to be taught to students of class X. Write a script for the
radio, inserting sound effects, music and narration:
Ode on Solitude
Alexander Pope
Happy the man, whose wish and care
A few paternal acres bound,
Content to breathe his native air,
In his own ground.
Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread,
Whose flocks supply him with attire,
Whose trees in summer yield him shade,
In winter fire.
Blest! Who can unconcern’dly find
Hours, days, and years slide soft away,
In health of body, peace of mind,
Quiet by day,
Sound sleep by night; study and ease
Together mix’d; sweet recreation,
And innocence, which most does please,
With meditation.
Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
Thus unlamented let me die;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
Tell where I lie.


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