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MEC-006 Public Economics in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020


MEC-006 Solved Assignment 2019-2020


Course Code: MEC-006
Assignment Code: MEC-006/AST/2019-20
Maximum Marks: 100


Title Name

MEC-006 Solved Assignment 2019-20

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MA(Economics)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: MA(Economics)
Session 2019-20
Short Name MEC-006 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code MEC-006/AST/2019-20
Product Assignment of MA(Economics) 2019-2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For July 2019 session, you need to submit the assignments by March 31, 2020, and for January 2020 session by September 30, 2020 for being eligible to appear in the termend examination. Assignments should be submitted to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. Obtain a receipt from the Study Centre towards submission.



Note: Answer all the questions. While questions in Section A carry 20 marks each (to be
answered in about 500 words each) those in Section B carry 12 marks each (to be answered
in about 300 words each). In the case of numerical questions word limits do not apply.
Section A
1) In the context of policy coordination, state the two forms in which externalities might
result. Also, discuss the implication of the term ‘structural interdependence’ in this regard.
2) Explain the concept of ‘crowding of private investment’ outlining its three types.
Section B
3) Outline the role of government in a ‘mixed economy’.
4) Highlight the significance of Buchanan’s Contractual Theory.
5) With suitable illustrations show how a disequilibrium in one aspect can bring about a chain
of reactions with multiple equilibria in ‘international policy coordination’.
6) Discuss the sources of ‘internal debt’ which facilitate the government in meeting its
borrowing needs.
7) With the help of a suitable diagram, point out the welfare gains from ‘decentralization’.


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