LSE-13 Plant Diversity-II Solved Assignment 2020


(Tutor Marked Assignment)
Course Code: LSE-13
Assignment Code: LSE-13/TMA/2020
Max. Marks: 100

Title Name

LSE-13 LIFE SCIENCES Solved Assignment 2020

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: BSC (LIFE SCIENCES) LSE
Session 2019-20
Short Name LSE-13 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code LSE-13/TMA/2020
Product Assignment of BSC (LIFE SCIENCES) 2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date Valid from 1st January to 31st December 2020



1. Match the following in column A with those of column B. (5)
Column A
i) Ginkgo biloba
ii) Welwitschia
iii) Pearl sago
iv) Stem parasite
v) Ocimum sp.
Column B
a) Handicapped plant
b) Cycas
c) Verticillaster Inflorescence
d) Living fossil
e) Viscum album
2. Give the botanical names and family of the following :
i) Gram
ii) Walnut
iii) Shisham
iv) Saffron
v) Small cardamom
3. Depict the following through clear and labelled diagram.
i) T.S. of needle of Pinus
ii) T.S. coralloid root of Cycas
iii) L.S. of apple fruit
iv) L.S. of male cone of Pinus
4. Briefly explain the following terms and write the name of the family where
structure is found :
i) Gynostegium
ii) False fruit
iii) Capitulum Inflorescence
iv) Jaculater
5. Differentiate between the following :
i) Dicot and Monocot root
ii) Gymnosperm and Angiosperms
6. Compare and contrast the reproductive structures of Cycas and Pinus with
proper diagram.
7. Describe the family Liliaceae and Poaceae with the reference to the following
features :
Leaf, inflorescence, flowers, androecium, gynoecium
8. Describe the Lamiaceae and Asteraceae with the reference to the following
features :
Leaf, inflorescence, flowers, androecium, gynoecium and floral formula.
9. Discuss how adaptation and modification in stem, root and leaf have made
angiosperms the dominant species in plant kingdom.
10. Write a note on the following :
i) Simple tissue
ii) Parasitic plants
iii) Hydrogenation of oils
11. Differentiate between Back tea and Green tea and describe the processing of
black tea.


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