MHI-10 URBANISATION IN INDIA in English Solved Assignment 2023-2024


Course Code: MHI-10
Assignment Code: MHI-10/AST/TMA/2023-2024
Total Marks: 100

Title Name

MHI-10 Solved Assignment 2023-2024

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023-2024 Course: MA (HISTORY) MHI
Session For July 2023 and January 2024
Short Name MHI-10
Assignment Code MHI-10/AST/TMA/2023-2024
Product Assignment of MA (HISTORY) 2023-2024 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For July Session: 31st March

For January Session: 30th September



Note: Attempt any five questions. The assignment is divided into two Sections ‘A’ and ‘B’.
You have to attempt at least two questions from each section in about 500 words each.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. How are the spatial aspects of urbanism reflected in the archaeological record?
Comment taking the case of the Harappan civilisation. 20
2. Critically examine chief characteristics of early historic urban centres. 20
3. Discuss the notions of space after the emergence of urban centres in the sixth century
BCE. 20
4. ‘Early medieval centres unlike the early historic centres were primarily nodal points in
local exchange’ Comment 20
5. Write short notes on any two of the following. Answer in about 250 words each.
i) Lefebvre’s notion of space
ii) Portuguese Cities a Polisgarchic
iii) Burial Practices of the Harappans
iv) Bhir Mound
6. Discuss the process of urbanization under the Delhi Sultans. 20
7. ‘Tanjavur emerged as the chief ‘ceremonial’ centre by the political will of the Cholas’.
Comment 20
8. Analyse sacred zones and khandas of Banaras. How did it influence the cityscape? 20
9. Describe the emergence of canal colonies. What was its impact? How did it alter the urban
spaces? 20
10. Write short notes on any two of the following. Answer in about 250 words each.
i) Capital cities of Mandu
ii) Masulipatnam
iii) Cities in the Kutchh-Gujarat Region
iv) Improvement Trusts


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