MFN-008 Principles of Food Science

Solved Assignment 2021-2022


Principles of Food Science
Course Code:MFN-008
Assignment Code: MFN-008/AST-5/TMA-5 /21-22
Last Date of Submission: 28thFebruary, 2022

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MFN-008 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2021-2022 Course: M.Sc. (DFSM)
Session July 2021 session
Short Name MFN-008
Assignment Code MFN-008/AST-5/TMA-5 /21-22
Product Assignment of M.Sc. (DFSM) 2021-2022 (IGNOU)



There are ten questions in this part. Answer all the questions.
1. a) Define food science and technology and discuss its scope in the context of dietetics
and food service management.
b) Discuss the role of sugars in the appearance of food.
c) Discuss the food application of microbial polysachharide.
2. a) Briefly describe the application of proteins in the food industry.
b) Describe the role of enzymes and colors in the food industry.
c) Differentiate between colloids and crystalloids? Give examples.
3. a) Differentiate between the following and give appropriate examples:
i) Sol and Gel
ii) Foams and Emulsion
b) Discuss the 12 D concepts used in sterilizing foods.
c) Describe the role of sensory evaluation during product life cycle.
4. Explain any one alteration occurring in the following foods during processing.-
i) Green leafy vegetable (particularly Spinach)
ii) Milk and milk product
iii) Meat
iv) Fish
5. a) What is role of food lipids in human diet? Mention important functional properties of
fats and oils.
b) Briefly discuss the factors influencing lipid oxidation.
c) How antioxidants delay the onset of rancidity?
6. a) Discuss the applications of the following in food industry:
i) Vitamin B12
ii) Vitamin A
b) Discuss the nutritional role of various minerals.
7. a) What do you understand by the term “concentration” in food industry? Explain
various methods of concentration.
b) What changes can be observed in food due to concentration process?
c) Explain briefly steps involved in rice processing.
8. a) Differentiate between microwave and conventional heating.
b) Discuss the role of moulds in fermentation.
c) List the factors that affect taste quality.
Section B – OTQ (Objective Type Questions) (20 marks)
1. Explain the following briefly in 2 – 3 lines: (5)
i) Rheology
ii) Cohesiveness
iii) Food irradiation
iv) Food Emulsifiers
v) Whey Protein concentrates
2. What are the changes that occurs during: (10)
i) Baking of cereal
ii) Sprouting of legumes
iii) Freezing of egg
iv) Lipolysis in Lipid
v) Storage of bread
3. Fill in the blanks: (5)
i) The process of loss of liquid from gels causing their Shrinkage is called ________
ii) Enzyme involved in cheese production is ________________
iii) The nutritional value of protein concentrate is expressed as ________________
iv) The dark pigment produced by maillard reaction are termed ________________
v) The tenderness of meat is tested with the help of ________________


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