MEC-008 ECONOMICS OF SOCIAL SECTOR AND ENVIRONMENT in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020

MEC-008 Solved Assignment 2019-2020


Course Code: MEC-008
Assignment Code: MEC-008/AST/2019-20
Maximum Marks: 100

Title Name

MEC-008 Solved Assignment 2019-20

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MA(Economics)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: MA(Economics)
Session 2019-20
Short Name MEC-008 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code MEC-008/AST/2019-20
Product Assignment of MA(Economics) 2019-2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For July 2019 session, you need to submit the assignments by March 31, 2020, and for
January 2020 session by September 30, 2020 for being eligible to appear in the termend examination. Assignments should be submitted to the Coordinator of your Study
Centre. Obtain a receipt from the Study Centre towards submission.



Section A
1) With a suitable illustration, show that when externalities are present, the price-taking profit
maximising behaviour of a producer will not necessarily lead to an efficient allocation of
resources. Also, suggest remedies in such situation.
2) In case of forestry, outline how the optimal harvesting age is determined? Discuss how in
this situation, Hartman’s model yields higher rotation age than that of Faustmann’s.
Section B
3) Bring out the crux of the concept of ‘sustainable development’.
4) Explain briefly any three situations under which government intervention is necessary in
public interest.
5) Briefly outline the current ‘system of national accounts’ pointing out its shortcomings from
the point of view of environmentally sustainable national accounts.
6) Discuss briefly the limitations of the ‘game theoretic approach’ to ‘common property
resource management’.
7) Present a critique of the approach to studies of ‘cost-benefit analysis’.


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