MCO-03 Research Methodology and Statistical analysis Solved Assignment 2024


Course Code : MCO – 03
Course Title : Research Methodology and
Statistical Analysis
Assignment Code : MCO – 03 /TMA/2024
Coverage : All Blocks

Title Name

MCO-03 Solved Assignment 2024

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MCOM
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023 Course: MCOM
Session For July 2024 and January 2024 admission cycle
Short Name MCO-03
Assignment Code MCO – 03 /TMA/2024
Product Assignment of MCOM 2024 (IGNOU)
Submission Date July session: 15th March

January session: 15th September



Attempt all the questions.
Q. 1 a) How do you select an appropriate scaling techniques for a
research study? Explain the issues Involved in it?
b) What is reporting? What are the different stages in the
preparation of a report?
Q. 2 The following table gives the no. of defects per product and its
No. of defects per
Under 15 32
15-20 50
20-25 75
25-30 130
30-35 145
35-40 105
40-45 85
45-50 50
50 above 20
i) What are the problems you may face in computing standard
deviation from the above data?
ii) Compute Bowley’s co-efficient of skewness and comment
on its value.
iii)Do you agree that the suggested method for measuring
skewness is an appropriate method? Give reasons of your
Q. 3 Briefly comment on the following:
a) “All science are knowledge, but all knowledge is not
b) “Index numbers are specialised averages”.
c) “The analysis of time series help in knowing current
d) Statistical arguments are often misleading at first, but free
discussion clear away statistical fallacies”.
Q. 4 Write short notes on the following:
a) Splicing of Indices.
b) Generalization.
c) Characteristics of Poisson distribution.
d) Sample space.
Q. 5 Distinguish between the following:
a) Pilot study and Pre test.
b) Correlation and Regression.
c) Estimation and Testing of hypothesis.
d) Probability distribution and Frequency distribution.


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