Home 2022-2023 MCO-01 Organization Theory and Behaviour in English Solved Assignment 2022-2023

MCO-01 Organization Theory and Behaviour in English Solved Assignment 2022-2023

MCO-01 Organization Theory and Behaviour Solved Assignment 2022-2023


Course Code : MCO – 01
Course Title : Organisation Theory and Behavior
Assignment Code : MCO – 01 /TMA/2022-23
Coverage : All Blocks

Title Name

MCO-01 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MCOM
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2022-2023 Course: MCOM
Session For July 2022 and January 2023 admission cycle
Short Name MCO-01
Assignment Code MCO – 01 /TMA/2022-23
Product Assignment of MCOM 2022-2023 (IGNOU)
Submission Date July session: 15th March

January session: 15th September



Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all the questions
Q. 1 What do you mean by bureaucracy? Discuss its characteristics.
Do you think that bureaucracy enhances efficiency in the
organisation. Give your arguments.
Q. 2 (a)Explain process of perception. What are the factors those
influence perception?
(b)Discuss individual management strategies of stress. Do you
think that they can reduce stress in the organisation? Discuss.
Q. 3 Comment briefly on the following statements:
a) Persuasion is a fact of modern life
b) Stress is moderated by anxiety and burnout.
c) Job design is a continuous process.
d) Culture is the social glue that helps hold the organisation
Q. 4 Difference between the following:
a) Classical and neo-classical theory of management
b) Classical conditioning and operant conditioning
c) Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement.
d) Evolutionary and Revolutionary strategies of change
Q. 5 Write short notes on the following:
a) Resistance to Change
b) Work Related Attitudes
c) Group Cohesiveness
d) Barriers to Communication



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