BHIE-142 HISTORY OF MODERN EAST ASIA: JAPAN in English Solved Assignment 2023-2024


Course code: BHIE-142
Assignment Code: BHIE-142/ASST/TMA/ 2023-2024
Marks: 100

Title Name

BHIE-142 Solved Assignment 2023-2024

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BAG
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023-2024 Course: BAG HISTORY
Session Assignment July, 2023 & January, 2024 Sessions
Short Name BHIE-142
Assignment Code BHIE-142/ASST/TMA/ 2023-2024
Product Assignment of BAG 2023-2024 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For June Examination: 30th April
For December Examination: 31st October



Note: There are three Assignments in this. You have to answer all questions in the

Assignment – I
Answer the following in about 500 words each.
1. Write a note on the Tokugawa rule in Japan. 20
2. What were the political and economic reforms that contributed towards the
modernization of Japan? 20
Assignment – II
Answer the following questions in about 250 words each.
3. Discuss the Meiji political order. 10
4. Write a note on the process of Japanese imperialist expansion in the early twentieth
century. 10
5. Discuss the Anglo-French rivalry in Japan. 10
Assignment – III
Answer the following questions in about 100 words each.
6. Japanese Constitution 6
7. Samurai 6
8. Russo-Japanese War 6
9. Japanese Foreign Trade in the Inter-War Period 6
10. Zaibatsu


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