BEGC-102 European Classical Literature Solved Assignment 2020-21

BEGC-102 European Classical Literature Solved Assignment 2020


Compulsory Course of English (Hons) – BEGC 102
European Classical Literature (BEGC–102)
Programme: BAG & BA English (Hons)
Course Code: BEGC-102/2020

Title Name

BEGC-102 English Honours Solved Assignment 2020

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BAG & BA English (Hons)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2020 Course: BAG & BA English (Hons)
Session For January, 2020 and July, 2020 Sessions
Short Name BEGC-102
Assignment Code BEGC-102/2020
Product Assignment of BAG & BA English (Hons) 2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For June Examination: 31st March
For December Examination: 30th September



Section A
Write short notes in about 200 words each: 4 × 5 = 20
(i) Catharsis
(ii) Peripetia
(iii) Destiny
(iv) New Greek Comedy
Section B
Answer the following in about 300 words each: 4 X 7.5 = 30
1. Write a note on the three dramatic unities?
2. Why does Oedipus accuse Creon of a conspiracy?
3. Describe Phaedria’s position in the play Pot of Gold?
4. What do you understand of the institution of marriage and the system of dowry in The Pot of
Section C
Answer the following questions in about 800 words each: 5 X 10 = 50
1. What are the characteristics of a western epic tradition.
2. Do you agree with Plato’s criticism that the Iliad offers no morals? Give a detailed answer.
3. Examine the four basic elements of a tragedy in relation to Oedipus Rex.
4. Explain the connections between Greek drama and the development of theatre in Rome.
5. Discuss the role of Lar Familiaris in Plautus’s Pot of Gold.


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