BCOE-143 FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT in English Solved Assignment 2022-2023


Maximum Marks: 100

Title Name

BCOE-143 Solved Assignment 2022-23

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BCOMG
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2022-2023 Course: B.Com(G) CBCS
Session Valid from 1st July, 2022 to 30th June, 2023
Short Name BCOE-143
Assignment Code BCOE – 143/TMA/2022-23
Product Assignment of BCOMG 2022-2023 (IGNOU)
Submission Date 1. Those students who are appearing in December Term End Examination they have to submit
latest by in 15 October.
2. Those students who are appearing in June exams. They should download the new assignment and submit the same latest by 15 March



Note: Attempt all the questions.
Section – A
1. Discuss capital asset pricing model. (10)
2. A bond of Rs. 5,000 is redeemable after 10 years. The coupon rate of the bond is 12%. Find
out the value of the bond if the required rate of return is 12%. The maturity of the bond is (a)
8 years (b) 10 years.
3. Explain briefly the long term sources of finance. (10)
4. The cost of a project is Rs. 30,00,000 and its life is 5 years. The cash flows are given below:
Years Cash flows ( `)
1 4,00,000
2 6,00,000
3 6,00,000
4 10,00,000
5 8,00,000
The cost of capital is 10%. Find out the net present value of the project.
5. Explain the Walter’s Valuation Model. (10)
Section – B
6. Explain the factors affecting cost of capital. (6)
7. From the following data calculate degree of operating leverage of the firm ‘A’
Particulars Firm ‘A’
Sales Rs. 40,00,000
Variable Cost 20% Sales
Fixed Cost Rs. 10,00,000

8. Discuss M & M model of capital structure without taxes. (6)
9. Explain the assumptions and limitations of Gordon model. (6)
10. What is an operating cycle? Why is it important for the firm? (6)
Section – C
11. What is financial leverage? How is it measured? (5)
12. Explain Baumol’s model of cash management. (5)
13. Explain ‘Credit standard’ and ‘credit period’. (5)
14. What is ABC analysis?



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