ANC-01 Application Oriented Course in Nutrition for the Community

Solved Assignment 2020-2021


Course Code: ANC-1
Assignment Code: ANC-1/AST-1/TMA-1 /21
For July 2020 session last date of Submission: 30th March, 2021
For January 2021 session last date of Submission: 30th October, 2021

Title Name

ANC-1 Solved Assignment 2020-2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (BDP)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2020-2021 Course: BDP
Session 2020-21
Short Name ANC-1
Assignment Code ANC-1/AST-1/TMA-1 /21
Product Assignment of ANC-1 2020-2021 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For July 2020 session last date of Submission: 30th March, 2021
For January 2021 session last date of Submission: 30th October, 2021



Section A – Descriptive Type Questions (40 marks)
There are ten questions in this part. Answer all questions.
1. a) Briefly explain the social, psychological and economical aspects of nutrition. (3)
b) Briefly explain the digestion, absorption and utilization of protein in our body. (3)
2. a) Briefly explain the role of iron in our body. Enlist some iron rich food sources. (3)
b) What would you suggest to a mother while planning a meal for an infant? (3)
3. Describe the steps in planning a balanced diet. What points would you keep in mind
while planning a diet for an old adult?
4. a) What are the major causes of food spoilage? Enlist factors that contribute in food
b) List three measures you would adopt to prevent PEM in a community. (3)
5. Briefly explain the clinical features of vitamin A deficiency and Iodine deficiency
6. a) Enlist the various methods of diet survey. Explain briefly any one method. (3)
b) Write the objectives and components of mid-day-meal (MDM) Programme. (3)
7. List any one method you will use to preserve the following. Explain the food
preservation principle involved in the same.
b)Jam or Jellies.
8. Enlist the methods used to assess the nutritional status. Explain any one in detail (4)
Section B – Application Question (AQ) (40 marks)
1. What is balanced diet? Based on the steps involved in planning balanced diet prepare a
diet for a lactating mother belonging to low socio-economic group.
2. Prepare any two nutritious snacks – one for a preschool child and second for an elderly. (10)
Your answer must specify:
i)Name of the snack
ii) List of Ingredients
iii) Method of preparation
iv) Food sources contributing to the important nutrients required by the specific
v) Justify the selection of snack (from nutritional stand point) for the children and for
the elderly.
3. Describe in details any four cooking practices common in your region for preparing
pulses/ Rice/Wheat/Maize etc. Predict the nutrients which are likely to be lost to a
substantial degree in each.
4. Record the food intake of a college going girl for one day using the following table:
Evaluate the meal and comment whether the diet is balanced.
Meal Menu Ingredients Comments
Evening Snacks
Section C – Objective Type Questions (OTQ) (20 marks)
1. Define the following terms:
a) Standardized Recipe
b) Enhancers
c) Essential Amino-Acids
d) Work Schedule
e) Adolescent growth spurt
g) Keratomalacia
h) Lathyrism
i) Synergism
j) Growth Monitoring
2. List the disorder(s) caused by the deficiency of the following nutrients/substance:
a) Thiamine
b) Folic acid
c) Fluorine
d) Riboflavin
e) Vitamin D
3. List any one important point you would keep in mind while selecting:
a) Cereals
b) Fruits
c) Milk and milk product
d) Fats & oils
e) Nuts


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