MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises Solved Assignment 2021

MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises

Solved Assignment 2021


Course Code : MS – 92
Course Title : Management of Public Enterprises
Assignment Code : MS-92/TMA/SEM – I/2021
Coverage : All Blocks

Note : Attempt all the questions and submit to the coordinator of your study centre on or before
30th April, 2021.

Title Name

MS-92 Solved Assignment 2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Management Programme
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2021 Course: Management Programme
Session 2021
Short Name MS-92
Assignment Code MS-92/TMA/SEM-I/2021
Product Assignment of Management Programme 2021 (IGNOU)



1. “The dilemmas of the public enterprise system are the dichotomies of public
accountability and autonomy.” Discuss.
2. Briefly discuss the methods of parliamentary control in public enterprises with respect to
the following.
(a) Legislative Questions
(b) Legislative Debates
3. What are the factors that are taken into account to evaluate the performance of public
4. How is Collective Bargaining an important tool of negotiation between workers and
owners in the industrial sector?
5. Explain the important steps involved in disinvestment process. How is preparation for
sale different from valuation of enterprise?
6. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
(a) Capitalism
(b) Growth of Central Public Sector Enterprises
(c) Labour Redundancy


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