MPYE-002 Ethics Solved Assignment 2018-2019

MPYE-002 Solved Assignment 2018-2019

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Title NameMPYE-002 Philosophy Solved Assignment 2018-19
Service TypeSolved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
CourseMA(Philosophy) MPY
Language ENGLISH and HINDI
Semester2018-2019 Course: MA(Philosophy) MPY
Short Name MPYE-002
Assignment CodeMPYE-002
ProductAssignment of MA(Philosophy) 2018-2019 (IGNOU)
Submission Datebefore March 31th, 2019 for the session July, 2018 and
before September 30th, 2019 for the session January 2019

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1. Discuss the debate between Consequentialism and Non-consequentialism. 20
What do you understand by cultural and ethical subjectivism? Discuss the challenges within ethics.
2. Analyze the ethical responsibilities of the social institutions. 20
How is the human freedom related to his existential situation? Discuss in detail Levinas‟ philosophy of
responsibility for the other.
3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 250 words each:
a) Narrate the contributions made by Bioethics to medicine. 10
b) Explain moral intuitionism. 10
c) Distinguish between moral relativity and ethical relativism. 10
d) What are the prima facie duties proposed by D. Ross? 10
4. Answer any four of the following in about 150 words each:
a) Differentiate between Values and Norms. 5
b) Discuss the moral teachings of Bhagavat Gita on Karma. 5
c) Explain the main tenets of environmental ethics. 5
d) Write a short note on media and social responsibility. 5
e) Elucidate the main difference between human order and the moral order? 5
f) What do you understand by „The Absolute Should‟? 5
5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each:
a) Intuitionism 4
b) Consequentialism 4
c) Eudaimonia 4
d) Cultural relativism 4
e) Deontology 4
f) Teleology 4
g) Normative ethics 4
h) Personhood 4

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