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MMPF-005 International Financial Management Solved Question Paper June 2023

MMPF-005 International Financial Management Solved Question Paper June 2023


International Financial Management
Course Code: MMPF-005

Title Name

MMPF-005 Solved Question Paper June 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MBA NEW
Language English
Year June 2023
Course Code MMPF-005
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)



1. Explain the various forms of exchange rate
arrangements. Describe the features of the
fixed parity system and discuss the causes
behind its collapse.
2. What are the various forms of international
financial flows ? Explain how they are recorded
in balance of payment statement.
[ 2 ] MMPF-005
3. What is Interest Rate Parity (IRP) relationship
? How can this relationship be used as an
arbitrage opportunity ?
4. What is a Currency Swap ? Describe fixed to
fixed rate currency swap with the help of an
5. Describe in brief the various types of exchange
rate exposures and discuss the techniques of
managing translation and economic exposure.
6. What do you understand by External
Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) ? Discuss the
terms and conditions associated with raising of
ECBs through automatic route.
7. Describe the basic points considered for
evaluating foreign projects. Discuss the process
of risk analysis in international investment
[ 3 ]
8. How is working capital management of
Multinational Firms (MNCs) different from
that of domestic firms ? Discuss the
considerations involved in formulating MNC
working capital management policy



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