Revision of Consultation Fee, Room Rent and ICU charges for IGNOU employees their dependents retired employees under empanelled Hospitals under CGHS Scheme

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has recently announced a significant revision in the consultation fee, room rent, and ICU charges for its employees, their dependents, and retired employees availing of healthcare services under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). This notification, issued on 24th May 2023, reflects the commitment of IGNOU towards providing affordable and accessible healthcare to its workforce. Let’s delve into the details of this revision and understand its implications.

Background of the Revision

The revision of consultation fee, room rent, and ICU charges is a result of the Office Memorandum released by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Directorate General of CGHS, with reference number F.No.Z15025/28/2022/DIR/CGHS, dated 12th April 2023. This memorandum serves as the foundation for the changes being implemented for IGNOU employees and their dependents.

Revised Consultation Fee

Under the revised scheme, the consultation fee for IGNOU employees and their dependents has been updated to ensure better access to healthcare services. The new fee structure takes into account the financial aspects while prioritizing quality medical attention. The revised consultation fee aims to strike a balance between affordability and the provision of comprehensive healthcare solutions. This change signifies IGNOU’s commitment to the well-being of its employees and their families.

Comparing the revised consultation fee with the previous structure, we observe a positive shift in favor of the employees. The new fee structure enables employees to seek medical advice without worrying about excessive financial burden, ultimately leading to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Revised Room Rent Charges

Room rent charges play a crucial role in ensuring comfortable and cost-effective hospital stays. In light of this, IGNOU has revised the room rent charges for its employees and their dependents in empanelled hospitals under the CGHS scheme. This revision seeks to provide affordable accommodation options for employees availing healthcare services. By reducing the financial strain associated with hospital stays, IGNOU aims to alleviate the worries of its workforce during challenging times.

The revised room rent charges are expected to positively impact the lives of IGNOU employees and their dependents, enabling them to focus on their recovery without being burdened by exorbitant accommodation expenses. This proactive approach by IGNOU signifies the university’s dedication to the overall well-being of its employees.

Revised ICU Charges

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) play a critical role in treating patients with severe medical conditions. Recognizing the significance of ICUs and the need for affordable access to this level of care, IGNOU has revised the ICU charges for its employees and their dependents. The revision ensures that those in critical conditions receive appropriate medical attention without facing substantial financial strain.

Comparing the revised ICU charges with the previous structure, we find a considerable improvement in accessibility and affordability. IGNOU acknowledges the importance of prompt and effective medical care during emergencies, and this revision demonstrates the university’s commitment to supporting its employees during challenging times.

Impact on IGNOU Employees and Retired Employees

The revision of consultation fee, room rent, and ICU charges significantly benefits both current and retired IGNOU employees. Current employees can avail healthcare services without excessive financial burden, enabling them to prioritize their well-being and recover quickly. The revised charges also provide retired employees with continued access to affordable healthcare services under the CGHS scheme, ensuring their well-being is not compromised after years of dedicated service.

Affordable healthcare is vital for maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce. By prioritizing the well-being of employees and retirees, IGNOU reinforces its commitment to their welfare, fostering a positive work environment and encouraging a loyal workforce.

Empanelled Hospitals under CGHS

Empanelled hospitals play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare services to employees and their dependents under the CGHS scheme. These hospitals are carefully selected based on their infrastructure, medical expertise, and adherence to CGHS norms and standards. Employees benefit from empanelment by gaining access to a network of reliable healthcare providers, ensuring comprehensive medical care when needed.

Empanelled hospitals provide a wide range of healthcare services, including consultations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and specialized treatments. The revised consultation fee, room rent charges, and ICU charges will further enhance the benefits of empanelment, making healthcare services more accessible and affordable for IGNOU employees and their dependents.

Notification and Approval

The revision of consultation fee, room rent, and ICU charges has been officially notified by the Indira Gandhi National Open University’s Administration Division (Coordination Section). This notification, bearing reference number F.No.IG/Admn/Cdn/2023/137, dated 24th May 2023, ensures that all IGNOU employees are aware of the revised charges and their implications.

The revision has received approval from the Competent Authority, indicating its legitimacy and adherence to the established protocols. The distribution of this notification includes relevant departments and personnel involved in the smooth functioning of IGNOU.


The revision of consultation fee, room rent, and ICU charges for IGNOU employees and their dependents under the CGHS scheme reflects the university’s commitment to their well-being. By ensuring affordable access to healthcare services, IGNOU fosters a healthy and productive workforce. This revision not only benefits current employees but also extends its advantages to retired employees, highlighting the university’s respect for their service.

Affordable healthcare services are crucial for maintaining a positive work environment and employee satisfaction. IGNOU’s proactive approach in revising these charges exemplifies its dedication to providing comprehensive support to its workforce, even in challenging times.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The revision of the consultation fee ensures that employees can seek medical advice without facing excessive financial burden, promoting their well-being and productivity.

The revision of room rent charges provides affordable accommodation options for employees during hospital stays, reducing financial stress and facilitating a comfortable recovery.

The revision of ICU charges aims to make critical medical care more accessible and affordable for employees and their dependents during emergencies.

The revision ensures that retired employees continue to have access to affordable healthcare services, prioritizing their well-being even after retirement.


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