BCSL-013 Computer Basics and PC Software Lab SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-2019


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Course Code : BCSL-013
Course Title : Computer Basics and PC Software
Assignment Number : BCA(1)/L-013/Assignment/ 2018-19
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last date of Submission : 15th October, 2018 (For July, 2018 Session)
: 15th April, 2019 (For January, 2019 Session)

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Section 1: Power Point
Question1(a): Make a marketing presentation of any 4G mobile phone with at least
10 slides highlighting technical features of the brand. Use different
customized animation effects on pictures and Clip Art on any four of
the 10 slides. All slides should have slide notes. Write speaker notes
for each slide (15 Marks)

Question 1(b): Create Photo Album in Power Point (5 Marks)
Section 2: Outlook
Question2: (i) Imagine that you want to have an appointment with doctors for a
regular check-up in a hospital . You are required to make a schedule,
make a contact list of all the doctors, send an e-mail , take an on-line
appointments , pay the consultation fees in advance, book a taxi.
Write all the options available to fulfill the task in Outlook (6 Marks)
(ii) Create a rule which allows all high priority mails from doctors to an
important folder unless subject says ‘Unimportant’ and then flag these
mails for follow-up. (4 Marks)
Section 3: Spreadsheet
Question 3: Perform the following procedures in Excel and complete your
worksheet (20 Marks)
Create a worksheet containing monthly expenditure on purchase of
household items , rent payment , mobile recharge , electricity and
cable TV with proper headings. Make assumptions about
expenditures. There is a provision of discount of 15 % over the
purchase of Rs. 6000 of purchasing. The worksheet should
contain monthly income, monthly expenditure listed and summed,
total discount, , left over amount each month and the amount left
over per day (assume 30 days in a month)
Section 4: Word processing
Question4:(a) Use a Mail Merge feature to send a letter to all your friends for
inviting them to new-year celebration. (5 Marks)
(b) Design a flyer for exhibition of paintings. Use different font styles,
sizes, color effects, to create it. It should contain the text “Painting
Exhibition”. (5 Marks)
Section5 : Browsing and Discussion Forum
Question 5: Locate, download and analyze information online on advancement in
smart phone technology through advance search option of Google
and prepare and submit a 3-4 page report (20 Marks)
You are required to do the following :
 Review at least 10 reviews article
 Search for the keyword “smart phone”
 Review the result of search and consider the similarities and
differences between smart phones of different vendors .
 While preparing the report , also capture some screens images
of smart phones and include in the report

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