BCOS-183 COMPUTER APPLICATION IN BUSINESS in English Solved Question Paper June 2023


Course Code: BCOS-183

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BCOS-183 Solved Question Paper June 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
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Language English
Year June 2023
Course Code BCOS-183
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)



1. What is computer network ? Briefly discuss the
various types of computer network i.e. PAN,
LAN, MAN, WAN and HAN. Also, compare the
following : Internet, Intranet and
Extranet. 2+15+3
2. Compare and contrast the following : 4×5=20
(a) Graphical Web Browser and NonGraphical Web Browser
(b) File Storage and File Synchronization
(c) B2B and B2C
(d) Batch Operating System and Real Time
Operating System
(e) Application Software and System Software
3. How can we relate Business to Information
System ? Discuss the relationship of Business
with Information system, with suitable block
diagram. Also, discuss the Business
Information system architecture. 4+8+8
4. How does File Processing System differ from
Database Management System (DBMS) ? What
are the major functionalities of DBMS ? How is
data abstraction achieved in RDBMS ? Discuss
with suitable diagram for data abstraction.
5. Explain the principles of cyber security, with
suitable example for each. What is
Authentication ? How does Authentication
differ from Authorization ? Also, explain the
role of Penetration testing as a step towards the
Information security. 9+2+4+5
6. Write short notes on the following : 4×5=20
(a) Mail Merge and its components in MSWord
(b) Word Processing and its attributes
(c) Steps to prepare a presentation for a
project in MS-PowerPoint
(d) Relative and Absolute addressing in Excel
(e) Financial functions in Excel
7. What is Ratio Analysis ? Briefly discuss the
following type of Ratios, with example for
each : 4×5=20
(a) Current Ratio
(b) Quick Ratio
(c) Gross Profit Ratio
(d) Operating Cost Ratio
8. What is CAPTCHA ? Briefly discuss the
purpose of CAPTCHA Code. Also, discuss the
various types of CAPTCHA Codes



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