TS-6 TOURISM MARKETING in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

TS-6 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code: TS-6 Programme: BTS
Total Mark: 100 Assignment Code: TS-6/TMA/2018

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1. Define tourism marketing. How did it evolve as a concept? Discuss some of its salient
features. 20
2. Discuss the marketing linkages between the various components of the tourism industry. 20

3. Define Tourism Product. Outline the steps in designing and developing a tourism product of
your choice. 20

4. Discuss the importance of market research in tourism. Discuss its various steps. 20
5. To what extent can technology be used in tourism marketing? Elaborate citing appropriate
examples. 20
6. What do you understand by competitive analysis? Explain the strategic options. 20
7. How would you market local foods? What role food festivals play in it? 20
8. What is the relevance of brochure? What points would you consider while designing an
effective marketing brochure? 20
9. What role can NGOs play in tourism marketing? 20
10. Write notes on the following in about 250 words each: (10×2=20)
a) Emerging trends in tourist market in India
b) Destination planning

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