TS-6 TOURISM MARKETING in English Solved Assignment 2023


Course Code: TS-6 Programme: BTS & DTS
Total Mark: 100 Assignment Code: TS-6/TMA/2023

Title Name

TS-6 Solved Assignment 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023 Course: TOURISM STUDIES
Session 2023
Short Name TS-6
Assignment Code TS-6/TMA/2023
Product Assignment of  2023(IGNOU)
Submission Date Last Date for January Session: October 15

Last Date for July Session: April 15




1. Explain, citing relevant examples, why marketing of tourism is a complex process. 20
2. What is meant by market segmentation? Discuss variables used for tourism market
segmentation. 20
3. Define competitive analysis and competitive strategies. Why are they necessary in tourism
marketing? Give suitable example. 20

4. Mention the purposes for which familiarization tours are conducted. Who all would you invite
for the tour and which type of destination will be visited? 20
5. Define Product Mix, Product line and Product item. What factors should be considered while
designing a tourism product? 20
6. What is meant by sustainable tourism? How does socially responsible marketing contribute to
the sustainable development of a destination? 20

7. Discuss the role and importance of National Tourist Organisation in the marketing of tourism
destination. 20
8. Write a detailed note on the 5th P in tourism marketing. Support your answer with suitable
example. 20
9. Describe the various levels of the distribution channels for tourism products and services. Also
explain the factors which influence the selection of distribution channels. 20

10. Write short notes on the following in about 150 words. (4×5=20)
a) Purpose of market research
b) AIDA Formula
c) Brochures as Promotional tool
d) NGO’s role in creating tourism awareness



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