TS-3 MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM in English Solved Assignment 2023


Course Code: TS-3 Programme: BTS & DTS
Total Marks: 100 Assignment Code: TS-3/TMA/2023

Title Name

TS-3 Solved Assignment 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2023 Course: TOURISM STUDIES
Session 2023
Short Name TS-3
Assignment Code TS-3/TMA/2023
Product Assignment of  2023  (IGNOU)
Submission Date Last Date for January Session: April 15

Last Date for July Session: October 15




1. What do you understand by Managerial roles, Tasks & responsibilities? 20
2. What are the different dimensions of organisational culture? Discuss the components of
Organisational Structure. 20
3. How would you define Planning? What are the various steps involved in formulating a plan?
Explain with an example. 20
4. Define the following:- (5X4=20)
(a) Feedback Control
(b) Importance of Effective Communication
(c) MOT
(d) Budgetary Control
5. What are group Norms and Values? How can a small group influence the behaviour of its
members? 20
6. Discuss the importance of Human Resource Management & Human Resource Planning in
Tourism. 20
7. What are the different types of Budget? What is the importance of Budgeting in the tourism
Industry? 20
8. How do you perceive the role of technology in future tourism operations? What is the role
of Artificial Intelligence in Tourism industry? 20
9. ‘Formulation of a Project generally culminates in the preparation of a Project Report’.Elaborate.
10. What is the role of PR services in marketing a tourism product/destination? Discuss the
Challenges for PR in Indian Tourism.



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