MSW-008 Social Group Work: Working with Groups in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

MSW-008 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Social Group Work : Working with Groups
Course Code: MSW-008
Total marks: 100

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Note: (i) Answer all the five questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.
(iii) Answers to question no. 1 and 2 should not exceed 600 words each.
1. Define groups and explain the different types of groups. 20
What is group development? Elaborate on the stages of group development.
2. Discuss the relevance of “life skills education” in social group work. 20
Explain the concept and the process of forming SHGs. 20
3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 300 words each:
a) Discuss group work in institutional setting. 10
b) Explain remedial model of group work. 10
c) Describe the values in social group work. 10
d) Highlight the purpose of group work. 10
4. Write short notes on any four of the following in about 150 words each:
a) What are the benefits of groups? 5
b) Discuss group work in hospital setting. 5
c) What is Programme Planning? . 5
d) Describe leadership styles. 5
e) Elaborate on the types of recording in group work. 5
f) List any five roles of social worker in group work. 5
5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each:
a) Group work in de-addiction centres 4
b) Factors influencing group formation. 4
c) Bonding and Relationship ‘ 4
d) Social action groups in India 4
e) Group work in Juvenile homes. 4
f) Disadvantages of group work 4
g) Splinter groups 4
h) Camping and Indian Youth organizations. 4

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