MS-10 Organisational Design, Development and Change Solved Assignment 2021

MS-10 Organisational Design, Development and Change

Solved Assignment 2021


Course Code : MS – 10
Course Title : Organisational Design, Development and Change
Assignment Code : MS-10/TMA/SEM-I/2021
Coverage : All Blocks

Note : Attempt all the questions and submit to the coordinator of your study centre on or before
30th April, 2021.

Title Name

MS-10 Solved Assignment 2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Management Programme
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2021 Course: Management Programme
Session 2021
Short Name MS-10
Assignment Code MS-10/TMA/SEM-I/2021
Product Assignment of Management Programme 2021 (IGNOU)



Q1. a) Briefly describe the factors which are essential for designing an organization.
b) Briefly explain the difference between effectiveness and efficiency with reference to an
organisation, giving examples.
Q2. Describe different approaches to organizing and analyzing work and their relevance in
the present day context.
Q3. Explain the concept and purpose of organizational diagnosis and discuss and describe the
elements that need to be reviewed for analyzing an organisation.
Q4. Discuss and describe any two methods of organizations diagnosis and their merits and
Q5. Explain the role of an OD intervention. Briefly discuss and describe T-Group training as
an OD intervention with an example.

MS-10, MS 10, MS10


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