MS-06 Marketing for Managers Solved Assignment 2021

MS-06 Marketing for Managers

Solved Assignment 2021


Course Code : MS – 06
Course Title : Marketing for Managers
Assignment Code : MS-06 /TMA/SEM – I/2021
Coverage : All Blocks
Note: Attempt all the questions and submit to the coordinator of your study centre on or before
30th April, 2021.

Title Name

MS-06 Solved Assignment 2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Management Programme
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2021 Course: Management Programme
Session 2021
Short Name MS-06
Assignment Code MS-06 /TMA/SEM – I/2021
Product Assignment of Management Programme 2021 (IGNOU)



1. (a) Take an example one each from a product and a service offering of your choice and
discuss the marketing function as an exchange process between a firm and its customers/
client leading to customer satisfaction.
(b) Distinguish product marketing from marketing of services. Explain the characteristics of
services that makes them challenging in the process of marketing.
2. (a) Elaborate the concept of a Market Vs the Concept of a segment with suitable
(b) Why marketing research is of primary importance for a Manager in the decision making
process? Discuss.
3. (a) Explain the concept of product life cycle (PLC). Discuss the elements of marketing mix
strategies at the different stages of PLC in case of any Industrial product of your choice.
(b) Select any 4 Newspapers (Nation/Regional) advertisements for any specific consumer
goods. Evaluate the advertising appeal in each advertisement and identify which need(s)
product is supposed to satisfy (according to Maslow’s needs of hierarchy).
4. (a) List out the major objectives of pricing policy. Discuss the importance of “Pricing” both
for the sellers and buyers in the exchange process. Explain the nature and use of price
discounts among FMCG category.
(b) What is Sales forecasting? Discuss why sales forecasting is being considered as one of
the grey areas of marketing function of every business.


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