MRDE-101 (PGDRD) Rural Social Development in English Solved Assignment 2020-2021

MRDE-101 (PGDRD) Rural Social Development

Solved Assignment 2020-2021


Course Code : MRDE-101
Course : Rural Social Development
Assignment No : MRDE-101/AST/TMA-4/2020

Title Name

MRDE-101 RURAL DEVELOPMENT Solved Assignment 2020-2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2020-2021 Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development (PGDRD)
Session 2020-21
Short Name MRDE-101 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code MRDE-101/AST/TMA-4/2020
Product Assignment of PGDRD 2020-2021 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For January 2020 session 30th September, 2020
For July 2020 session 31st March, 2021



Note: The assignment has three sections. It contains questions, which require long, medium and short answers.
A long answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500 words each. Short
answers should not exceed 100 words each.
Long Answer Questions Maximum marks: 40
Attempt any One of the following:
1. Describe the current educational situation of rural children.
2. Discuss the main features of tribal social structure.
3. Describe the process of women empowerment.
Medium Answer Questions – Maximum Marks: 15 each
Attempt any Two of the following:
1. Describe important features of The Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act, 1956.
2. Explain the concept and importance of Early Childhood Care and Education.
3. Discuss the state policy and programmes for labourers in India.
Short Answer Questions –
Maximum Marks: 6 each
Attempt any Five of the following:
1. Anemia
2. The National Policy on Education
3. Bonded Child Labour
4. Swayamsidha
5. National Programme for Rural Industrialization (NPRI)
6. Christian Marriage Law
7. Public Interest Litigation
8. Swawalamban


MRDE-101, MRDE 101, MRDE101


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