MRDE-003 Land Reforms and Rural Development in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

MRDE-003 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code : MRDE-003
Course Title : Land Reforms and Rural Development
Assignment No. : MRDE-003/AST/TMA-9/2018/2019

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Note : The assignment has three sections. It contains questions which require long, medium and short
answers.Along answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500
words each. Short answers should not exceed 100 words each.
LongAnswer Questions Maximum Marks : 40
Attempt anyOne of the following :
1. Describe the important features of land revenue collection system during the Mughal Period.
2. Discuss the problems related to land reforms faced by developing countries.
3. Describe the contribution of land reforms in povertyalleviation and economic equalityin India.
MediumAnswer Questions Maximum Marks : 15 each
Attempt anyTwo of the following :
1. Describe the main features of land tenure system in ancient India.
2. Describe the impact of abolition of land intermediaries in different states of India.
3. Discuss the contribution of Bhoodan Movement in rural development.
ShortAnswer Questions Maximum Marks : 6 each
Write short notes on anyFive of the following :
1. Land Revenue System of Marathas
2. Land Reforms through Panchayats
3. Bardoli Peasant Movement
4. Pattern of Operational Holdings
5. LandCeiling
6. Computerisation of Land Records
7. Securityof Tenures
8. Nature of Power Structure in Rural India

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