MRDE-002 Voluntary Action in Rural Development in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

MRDE-002 Solved Assignment 2018-2019

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Course Code : MRDE-002
Course Title : VoluntaryAction in Rural Development
Assignment No. : MRDE-002/AST/TMA-8/2018/2019

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Note : The assignment has three sections. It contains questions which require long, medium and short
answers.Along answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500
words each. Short answers should not exceed 100 words each.
LongAnswer Questions Maximum Marks : 40
Attempt anyOne of the following :
1. Discuss the Gandhian concept of voluntarism and rural reconstruction during freedom struggle.
2. Describe the basic characteristics of communitybased organisations.
3. Discuss the problems faced voluntaryorganisations in rural areas.
MediumAnswers Questions Maximum Marks : 15 each
Attempt anyTwo ofthe following:
1. What is the contribution of Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) to watershed development in rural areas?
2. Brieflydescribe sociological approaches to non-profit organisations.
3. Explain the objectives and guiding principles of Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
ShortAnswers Questions Maximum Marks : 6 each
Write short notes on anyFive of the following:
1. Meaning and Essence of Voluntarism
2. Bill of Rights (1689)
3. Concept of PURA
4. Sector-WideApproach
5. Magna Carta
6. Central Social Welfare Board
7. Barefoot College
8. VoluntaryAction Cell

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