MMPF-004 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Solved Question Paper June 2023


Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Course Code: MMPF-004

Title Name

MMPF-004 Solved Question Paper June 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MBA NEW
Language English
Year June 2023
Course Code MMPF-004
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)



1. Distinguish between investment, speculation
and gambling giving examples.
2. Differentiate between primary markets and
secondary markets. Explain with the help of
3. What is Systematic Risk ? Explain different
types of systematic risk.
4. Explain the concept of economic forecasting.
Illustrate with the help of an example.
[ 2 ]
5. Write short notes on the following :
(a) Valuation of stocks
(b) Dow theory
6. Differentiate between fundamental and
technical analysis.
7. What is the need for maintaining portfolios ?
How does the portfolio management help in
mitigating risk ?
8. What is the need for performance evaluation ?
Explain the concept of benchmark portfolios.



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