MMPF-003 Management Control Systems Solved Question Paper December 2023


Management Control Systems
Course Code: MMPF-003

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MMPF-003 Solved Question Paper December 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MBA NEW
Language English
Year December 2023
Course Code MMPF-003
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)



1. Explain the concept of strategy. Describe the
BCG Model and General Electric (GE) planning
model and discuss their usefulness in
formulating business unit level strategies.
[ 2 ] MMPF–003
2. Why are behavioural dimensions important in
Management Control Systems ? Discuss the
application of Theories X, Y and Z in ensuring
Goal Congruence.
3. Explain the concept of Responsibility
Accounting and describe its benefits. What
purpose does it serve ?
4. Explain the concept of Profit Centres. Discuss
the rationale for profit decentralisation.
5. What is Arm’s Length Principle ? Discuss the
application of arm’s length principle and
describe the Comparable Uncontrolled Price
(CUP) method.
6. What do you understand by performance
measurement ? Discuss the framework for
performance measurement and describe the
metrics used for performance measurement.
[ 3 ]
7. Explain the following :
(i) Business Process Reengineering (ERP)
(ii) Programme and Performance Budgeting
8. Explain the risk characteristics of a bank and
describe the role of management control
systems in containing these risks.



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