MMPF-001 Working Capital Management Solved Question Paper December 2023


Working Capital Management
Course Code: MMPF-001

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MMPF-001 Solved Question Paper December 2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MBA NEW
Language English
Year December 2023
Course Code MMPF-001
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)



1. Explain the ‘Gross Concept’ and ‘Net Concept’
of working capital. Discuss the different types
of working capital and their behaviour in
different categories of firms.
[ 2 ] MMPF–001
2. Discuss the Industry Norm Approach and
Economic Modelling Approach to the
determination of working capital.
3. Why do firms need to manage cash ? What are
the motives of holding cash ?
4. How does uncertainty affect inventory
management ? Explain any one model of
inventory management under the condition of
5. Explain the significance of trade credit. What
are the factors that influence the availability of
trade credit ?
6. What are the objectives of working capital
management in Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) ? Discuss the various barriers in
optimization of working capital in SMEs.
7. What factors are considered while estimating
the working capital needs of a large company ?
[ 3 ]
8. Write short notes on any four of the following :
(a) Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
(b) Bridge loans
(c) Behavioural Biases
(d) Mortgage
(e) F-S-N Analysis



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