MMPC-008 Information System for Managers Solved Assignment 2022

MMPC-008 Information System for Managers

Solved Assignment 2022


Course Code : MMPC-008
Course Title : Information System for Managers
Assignment Code : MMPC-008/TMA/JAN/2022
Coverage : All Block

Title Name MMPC-008 Solved Assignment 2022
University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MBA and MBA (Banking & Finance)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2022 Course: MBA
Session January 2022 and July 2022 sessions
Short Name MMPC-008
Assignment Code MMPC-008/TMA/JAN/2022
Product Assignment of MBA and MBA (Banking & Finance) 2022 (IGNOU)
Submission Date Last date of submission for Jan 2022 Session is 30th April 2022 and for July 2022
Session is 31st October 2022.



1. “The IT has been used in every business and for every function of a business.” Do you
agree? Give reasons for your answer. Also explain application of IT in business.
2. What are the technology related challenges that are invisible to your organization?
Highlight the pitfalls? How integrated software applications can help in this?
3. “The goal of the information system life cycle is to keep the project under control and
assure that the system produced satisfies the requirements.” Explain, in view of the
statement, the phases of system development life cycle.
4. “Artificial intelligence is employed in virtually every branch of science today.” Explain,
in the view of the statement, the application of artificial intelligence.
5. Write the short note on any three of the following:-
(a) Smart Devices
(b) Transaction Processing System
(c) Features of Visual Basic (VB.Net)
(d) Data Warehousing


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