MECE-001 ECONOMETRIC METHODS in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

MECE-001 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Assignment (TMA)
Course Code: MECE-001
Assignment Code: MECE-001/AST/2018-19
Maximum Marks: 100

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Title NameMECE-001 Solved Assignment 2018-19
Service TypeSolved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Language ENGLISH
Semester2018-2019 Course: MA(Economics)
Short Name MECE-004 (ENGLISH)
Assignment CodeMECE-004/AST/2018-19
ProductAssignment of MA(Economics) 2018-2019 (IGNOU)
Submission Datebefore March 31th, 2019 for the session July, 2018 and
before September 30th, 2019 for the session January 2019

Answer all the questions


1. Describe the nature of the financial system in a modern economy giving the important types
of constituent institutions, markets and instruments. Explain the concept of flow-of-funds in
the financial markets
2. Discuss the Markowitz theory of efficient portfolio selection. How does the Capital Asset
Pricing Theory (CAPM) theory build on it?


3. Explain the Arbitrage Pricing Theory.
4. Explain the need for, and role of depository systems in secondary markets. Explain the
concept of custodial services.
5. Give a theoretical model of central banking, bringing out the relationship between the
monetary base and monetary aggregates. What are instruments of monetary policy used by
central banks?
6. Compare the impact of monetary policy under fixed exchange rates with those under
flexible exchange rates.
7. Discuss the concept of leverage for a firm. Discuss the important financial and leverage
ratios used. Explain the Merton-Miller theorem.
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