MEC-002 MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS in English Solved Assignment 2019-2020

MEC-002 Solved Assignment 2019-2020


Course Code: MEC-002
Assignment Code: MEC-002/AST/2019-20
Maximum Marks: 100

Title Name

MEC-002 Solved Assignment 2019-20

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MA(Economics)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: MA(Economics)
Session 2019-20
Short Name MEC-002 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code MEC-002/AST/2019-20
Product Assignment of MA(Economics) 2019-2020 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For July 2019 session, you need to submit the assignments by March 31, 2020, and for
January 2020 session by September 30, 2020 for being eligible to appear in the termend examination. Assignments should be submitted to the Coordinator of your Study
Centre. Obtain a receipt from the Study Centre towards submission.



Note: Answer all the questions. While questions in Section A carry 20 marks each, those in
Section B carry 12 marks each.
Section A
1. Bring out the salient features of the Solow Model. In what respects the golden rule is
different from the steady state growth rate? (Your answer should include the
assumptions, important equations, appropriate diagrams and its interpretation).
2. Consider the overlapping generations model where each member lives for two time
periods ‘t’ and (t+1). Assume that individuals work in time period ‘t’ and earn wage
income, while they do not work in time period (t+1) and survive on interest income.
Explain the impact of an increase in interest rate on consumption during time period ‘t’.
Section B
3. Interpret the IS and the LM curves. What policy implications do they have?
3. Bring out the reasons for rigidity in price and wage rate. What implications do they have?
4. Explain in brief, the decentralized household problem in the Ramsey model.
5. Critically evaluate the endogenous growth theory.
6. What is meant by business cycle? How does the political business cycle model explain it?
7. Write short notes on the following.
a) Ineffectiveness of fiscal policy under flexible exchange rate
b) Lucas Critique


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