MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming Solved Assignment 2022-2023

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Course Code : MCS-011
Course Title : Problem Solving and Programming
Assignment Number : MCA(I)/011/Assign/2022-23 & BCA(II)/011/Assignment/2022-23
Maximum Marks : 100
Weightage : 25%
Last Date of Submission : 31st October, 2022 (For July, 2022 Session)
15th April, 2023 (For January, 2023 Session)

Title Name

MCS-011 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)

Master of Computer Application(MCA)

Language ENGLISH
Semester BCA(Revised Syllabus)/ASSIGN/SEMESTER-II


Session 2022-2023
Short Name MCS-011
Assignment Code BCA(II)/011/Assignment/2022-23


Product Assignment of BCA & MCA 2022-2023 (IGNOU)

Last Date of Submission

31st October for July, 2020 session
15th April for January, 2021 session


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There are seven questions in this assignment which carries 80 marks. Rest 20 marks are for
viva-voce. Answer all the questions. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the
explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the
Programme Guide for the format of presentation.

Q1: Write an algorithm, draw corresponding flow chart and write an interactive program which
prompts the user with the following options on the opening menu: (15 Marks)
1) To reverse a 5-digit number
2) To check whether the 5-digit number is a palindrome or not
3) To find the sum of all the digits of the 5-digit number
4) Quit
Enter your choice:
Note: Use SWITCH..CASE statement.
Q2: Write the functions in C for the following: (09 Marks)
(a) To calculate the power without using the pow(x,y) function of <math.h>.
(b) To calculate the cube of a given number.
(c) To calculate the LCM of two given numbers

Q3: Write an interactive program using recursion for the following: (12 Marks)
(a) To find the HCF of two given numbers.
(b) To find the GCD of two given numbers.
(c) To find the factorial of a given number.
Q4: Write interactive C programs to perform the following on strings: (12 Marks)
(a) To check if two strings are Anagram.
(b) To check whether the given alphabet is a vowel or consonant.
(c) To convert the given string from lower case to upper case without using the inbuilt function
in <string.h>

Q5: Using arrays in C write a program to input 2 arrays consisting of 10 numbers each and display all
the numbers those are common to both the arrays and display their count. (10 Marks)
Q6: Using Structures in C, write an interactive program to display the pay-slips for 10 employees
working in a small departmental stores.
Note: Assumptions can be made wherever necessary and mention them. (10 Marks)
Q7: Using File Handling concept in C programming, write the C programs for the following:
(a) To create and store student information of 10 MCA students in a .dat file.
(b) To edit the file created in (a) to add data for 2 more students.
(c) To delete specific line(one student record) from a file.

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