MCO-024 Business Ethics and CSR in English Previous Year Question Papers

Title Name MCO-024 Previous Question Papers
University IGNOU
Service Type Previous Question Papers (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MCOM (Master of Commerce)
Language ENGLISH and HINDI
Short Name MCO-024
Paper Code MCO-24
Product Paper of MCO-024 (IGNOU)

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The advantages of studying IGNOU’s previous year’s question papers are given below:

  • You can prepare for that by looking at the previous year’s question papers, determining the kind of questions you can ask in the Exam, and anticipating their appearance.
  • The best way is to solve the questionnaire, you can download the old question paper from IGNOU and solve it.
  • By practicing the previous year’s question papers of IGNOU, students can increase their capacity.
  • It helps to understand the marking scheme of the exam and the weightage of each chapter.
  • It helps to increase the knowledge about the topics and understand the concepts better.
  • It helps to develop the habit of solving the questions within the given time limit.

Can I get good marks by solving the previous year’s paper and will it help me for the exam?

  • Solving the Question Paper & Sample paper help increase your marks in the Exam.
  • See the collection of old and sample papers of the IGNOU term-end examination.
  • Previous papers are not only for exam-related understanding, they will also help in increasing your marks.


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