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IGNOU Management Programme Previous Year Question Papers


If you were searching for the IGNOU MBA and MBF Previous Year Question Papers for DECEMBER 2021, JUNE 2023 & DECEMBER 2023 then finally you are at right place as IGNOU MBA and MBF Previous Year Question Papers is now available for free download. You can download the PDF files from here.

IGNOU MBA Previous Year Question Papers

Course code Course Title Download
MMPC-001 Management Functions and Organisational Processes Download Now
MMPC-002 Human Resource Management Download Now
MMPC-003 Business Environment Download Now
MMPC-004 Accounting for Managers Download Now
MMPC-005 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Download Now
MMPC-006 Marketing Management Download Now
MMPC-007 Business Communication Download Now
MMPC-008 Information Systems for Managers Download Now
MMPC-009 Management of Machines and Materials Download Now
MMPC-010 Managerial Economics Download Now
MMPC-011 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues Download Now
MMPC-012 Strategic Management Download Now
MMPC-013 Business Laws Download Now
MMPC-014 Financial Management Download Now
MMPC-015 Research Methodology for Management Decisions Download Now
MMPC-016 International Business Management Download Now
MMPC-017 Advanced Strategic Management Download Now
MMPC-018 Entrepreneurship Download Now
MMPC-019 Total Quality Management Download Now
MMPC-020 Business Ethics and CSR Download Now
MMPF-001 Working Capital Management Download Now
MMPF-002 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions Download Now
MMPF-003 Management Control Systems Download Now
MMPF-004 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Download Now
MMPF-005 International Financial Management Download Now
MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services Download Now
MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services Download Now
MMPM-001 Consumer Behaviour Download Now
MMPM-002 Sales Management Download Now
MMPM-003 Product and Brand Management Download Now
MMPM-004 International Marketing Download Now
MMPM-005 Marketing of Services Download Now
MMPM-007 Integrated Marketing Communication Download Now
MMPM-009 Retail Management Download Now
MMPH-001 Organizational Theory and Design Download Now
MMPH-002 Human Resource Development Download Now
MMPH-004 Industrial and Employment Relations Download Now
MMPH-006 Organisational Dynamics Download Now
MMPH-007 Compensation and Rewards Management Download Now
MMPH-009 International Human Resource Management Download Now
MMPO-001 Operations Research Download Now
MMPO-002 Project Management Download Now
MMPO-003 Operations Management Download Now
MMPO-004 Management Information System Download Now
MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Download Now
MMPO-006 Materials Management Download Now
MMPO-008 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Download Now
MMPB-001 Bank Financial Management Download Now
MMPB-002 International Banking Management Download Now
MMPB-003 Information Technology and Digital Banking Download Now
MMPB-004 Risk Management in Banks Download Now
MMPB-005 Marketing of Financial Services Download Now
MMPB-006 Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial Sector Download Now


The advantages of studying IGNOU’s previous year’s question papers are given below:

  • You can prepare for that by looking at the previous year’s question papers, determining the kind of questions you can ask in the Exam, and anticipating their appearance.
  • The best way is to solve the questionnaire, you can download the old question paper from IGNOU and solve it.
  • You will be easily aware of the marking scheme and section-wise of the questionnaire of IGNOU.
  • By practicing the previous year’s question papers of IGNOU, students can increase their capacity.

Can I get good marks by solving the previous year’s paper and will it help me for the exam?

  • Solving the Question Paper & Sample paper help increase your marks in the Exam.
  • See the collection of old and sample papers of the IGNOU term-end examination.
  • Previous papers are not only for exam-related understanding, they will also help in increasing your marks.



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