IGNOU MA Psychology (MAPC) Syllabus, Subjects, Course Structure, Fees, Duration, Eligibility, Programme Structure

MA in Psychology (MPC)

Minimum Duration 2 Years
Maximum Duration 5 Years
Course Fee Rs. 15,800 (Rs. 8000/-for Ist Year and Rs.7800/-for IInd Year)
Minimum Age No bar
Maximum Age No bar
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university


First Year

Course Code Course Name Credits
MPC-001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory 4
MPC-002 Life Span Psychology 4
MPC-003 Personality: Theories and Assessment 4
MPC-004 Advanced Social Psychology 4
MPC-005 Research Methods in Psychology 4
MPC-006 Statistics in Psychology 4
MPCL-007 Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing 8

Second Year

Course Code Course Name Credits
MPCE-011 Psychopathology 4
MPCE-012 Psychodiagnostics 4
MPCE-013 Psychotherapeutic methods 4
MPCE-014 Practicum in Clinical Psychology 6
MPCE-015 Internship 8
MPCE-016 Project 6
MPCE-021 Counseling Psychology 4
MPCE-022 Assessment in Counselling and Guidance 4
MPCE-023 Interventions in counseling 4
MPCE-024 Practicum in Counselling Psychology 6
MPCE-025 Internship 8
MPCE-026 Project 6
MPCE-031 Organisational Behaviour (OBY) 4
MPCE-032 Human Resource Development (HRD) 4
MPCE-033 Organisational Development (OD) 4
MPCE-034 Practicum: Industrial and Organisational Psychology 6
MPCE-035 Internship 8
MPCE-036 Project 6


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