IBO-04 Export Import Procedures and Documentation Solved Assignment 2022-2023


COURSE TITLE : Export Import Procedure and Documentation

Title Name

IBO-04 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course MCOM
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2022-2023 Course: MCOM
Session For July 2022 and January 2023 admission cycle
Short Name IBO-04
Assignment Code IBO-04/TMA/2022-2023
Product Assignment of MCOM 2022-2023 (IGNOU)
Submission Date July session: 15th March

January session: 15th September



Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all the questions:
1. (a) How is EDI different from Electronic Commerce? Why has EDI become a
necessity for International Trade?
(b) What are the principles of ECGC operation? Discuss the procedural
formalities and documents required for making a claim under ECGC?
2. (a) Describe the process of preparing goods for exports and their transit to the
port of shipment along with documentation formalities.
(b) Explain the customs clearance via sea along with documentation formalities.
3. Comment on the following:
(a) Maritime perils are same as Extraneous perils.
(b) Export incentives have become a universal practice.
(c) Credit is a major weapon of international competition but it involves risk.
(d) Domestic Sales contract is same as Export sales contract.
4. Distinguish between:
(a) FOB and CIF contract
(b) Current account transactions and Capital account transactions
(c) Voyage charter and Time charter
(d) Arbitration and Litigation
5. Write a short note on the following:
(a) Financing under Deferred Payment Agreements
(b) Export Promotion Council
(c) ISO9000
(d) Central Excise Clearance



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