EPS-15 SOUTH ASIA: ECONOMY, SOCIETY AND POLITICS in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

EPS-15 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code: EPS-15
Assignment Code: EPS-15/Asst/TMA/2018-19
Total Marks: 100

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Answer questions in each category. Answer in your own words.
A) DCQ: Answer any two of the following in about 500 words each. 20×2
1) What are the factors that contributed to the formation of SAARC? Identify the major
challenges confronting SAARC in realizing its objectives.
2) Evaluate the impact of liberalization and SAPs in Indian economy.
3) Environment degradation is a human security threat in South Asia. Comment.
4) Write an essay on India’s policy towards its neighbourhood.

B) MCQ: Answer any four of the following in about 250 words each 12×2
5) Write a note on human rights situation in South Asia.
6) Discuss the evolution of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.
7) The asymmetry of power and resources affects the security dynamics in South Asia. Examine.
8) Why is South Asia often described as a nuclear flash point? Do you agree with this description?
9) What are the elements of India’s nuclear doctrine?
10) Examine the position of India in the global power structure.
11) What are the factors which contributed to military intervention in the politics of Pakistan?
12) Write a note on India-Bhutan relations.
C) SCQ: Write a short note on any two of the following in about 50 words each 6×2
i) Ethnic composition of Nepal
ii) Foreign policy of Maldives
iii) South Asian Economic Unon.
iv) Indus water dispute

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