EEC-10 NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTING in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

EEC-10 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Programme: BDP
Course Code: EEC-10
Assignment Code: EEC-10/AST/TMA/2018-19
Max. Marks: 100

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A. Long Answer Questions 220 = 40
(Answer any two questions)
1. Explain the procedure of derivation of national balance sheet. Explain the method
of estimating national capital.
2. Explain the flow-of-funds accounts in an economy. What is the procedure for
constructing flow-of-funds accounts of a nation?
3. How do national income accounts deal with the effect of environment on the
4. Examine the view that GNP is an inadequate measure of economic welfare.
B. Medium Answer Questions 312=36
(Answer any three questions)
5. Distinguish between the income and production accounts of a firm.
6. Distinguish between consumer goods and producer goods. Why is it difficult to
impute the value of service of consumer durables?
7. What do you understand by unregistered manufacturing? How is gross value
added of this sector estimated? What are the sources of data for this sector for
8. What do you understand by the term public sector? How are the components of
the social sector considered in the national accounting?
9. Discuss some of the concepts in the 1993 SNA regarding treatment of Central
Bank and about women’s contribution to work.
10. What do you understand by ‘quality of life’? How a does national income
provide an accurate measure of ‘quality of life’?
C. Short Answer Questions 38=24
(Answer any three questions)
11. What is the secondary sector of an economy?
12. What do you understand by intermediate product?
13. What is personal income?
14. What do you understand by Gender Empowerment Measure?
15. How would you differentiate between public sector and pubic administration?
16. What were the basic components of the ‘Physical Quality of Life Index’ indicator
of economic welfare?

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