DNHE-3 in English Solved Assignment 2024 (Part A)

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Course Code: DNHE-3
Assignment Code: DNHE-3/AST-3/TMA-3/24
For January 2024 session last date of Submission: 30th September, 2024
For July 2024 session last date of Submission: 31st March, 2025
Maximum Marks: 100

Title Name

DNHE-3 Solved Assignment 2024

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Diploma Programme in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2024 Course: Diploma Programme in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)
Session January 2024 and July 2024
Short Name DNHE-3
Assignment Code DNHE-3/AST-3/TMA-3/24
Product Assignment of DNHE 2024 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For January 2024 session last date of Submission: 30th September, 2024
For July 2024 session last date of Submission: 31st March, 2025


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Assignment-3 consists of two parts. Total marks is 100. The weightage given to each part
is indicated in the brackets.
A) Descriptive Type Question
B) Application Question (AQ)
Part A: Descriptive Type Question (60Marks)
1. a. Define community and community nutrition.
b. As a community worker what steps you will follow in identifying
and solving existing problems in the community. Enumerate.
2. a. Define Nutritional surveillance. Elaborate its components.
b. Differentiate between mental health and social health.
3. a. Explain how acceptability of food is influenced by social and
cultural factors?
b. Explain Role play method as group communication method.
4. a. What do you understand by Mass Communication? Give
classification of Mass Communication Media.
b. Elaborate any one audio-visual aid used as mass communication
5. a. What points you will keep in mind while developing good radio
educational programmes? Describe briefly.
b. How you will classify teaching aids used for communication?
6. a. What do you understand by Non-machine media? Explain by giving
some examples.
b. Write steps for making flip chart on ‘Breastfeeding’.
7. a. Explain communication process by giving flow diagram.
b. Justify the statement ‘Folk arts of India are effective communication
approach for addressing community issues’, giving suitable examples
of folk art used in India.
8. a. Describe the steps of analytical approach. (3)
b. Justify the statement ‘Dialogue approach provides more opportunity
for sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences’ giving suitable
9. a. Describe the process of woman-to-woman strategy in
b. Give advantages and limitations of film strips/slides.
10. a. What is ‘Johari window’? How it is useful in communication
between worker and community?
b. Explain any one process model (Level I-Level IV) used in
organizing nutrition and health programmes.
Section B – Application Question (AQ) (40 marks)
1. Prepare a chart for any one of the following theme given below (Refer
DNHE-3,Vol-1, Unit-10 for guidelines for preparation):
a. Immunization
b. Supplementary feeding programmes
c. Hypertension
2. a) Think and write any two topics on which you can use Child-to child
approach for educating community.
b) Educate children of your community on any one of the above selected
topics and record their views.
3. Develop a board game with instructions for school going children on any
one of the following theme (Refer DNHE-3,Vol-2, Unit 14):
a. Green environment
b. Food groups
4. Prepare two short role play script related to infectious diseases / deficiency
diseases. Attach the scripts in the answer sheet (Refer DNHE-3,Vol-1,
Unit-9 and Annexure-1)

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