BSWE-001 Introduction to Social Work in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

BSWE-001 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Introduction to Social Work
Course Code: BSWE-001
Total Marks: 100

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Note: i. Answer all the five questions.
ii. All questions carry equal marks.
iii. Answer to question no. 1 and 2 should not exceed 500 words each.
1. Highlight the evolution of social work and social service tradition in India. 20
Explain the concept of voluntary action in relation to social work. 20
2. Differentiate between primary groups and secondary groups. 20
Briefly describe the concept of a welfare state. 20
3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 250 words each :
i) Discuss the behavioural characteristics of a leader. 10
ii) Trace the evolution of social work methods. 10
iii) What is the importance of social control? 10
iv) Explain the characteristics of each stage of human development. 10
4. Attempt any four of the following questions in about 150 words each:
i) Describe the meaning of socialization. 5
ii) Why is family an important social institution? 5
iii) Enlist the basic elements of a state. 5
iv) Explain the concept of ‘storm and stress’ during adolescence. 5
v) Why is it important to have social equality in the country? 5
vi) What are the different ideologies of social work? 5
5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each:
i) Spirituality and social work 4
ii) Social Work ethics 4
iii) Empty nest syndrome 4
iv) Maslow’s need hierarchy theory 4
v) Local Self Governance 4
vi) Characteristics of Society 4
vii)Social Control 4
viii) Social Welfare 4

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