BRL-004 Customer Service Management SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-2019


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Course Code : BRL–004
Course Title : Customer Service Management
Assignment Code : BRL-004/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

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Attempt all the questions.
(A) Short Type Questions
1. What are different types of customer personalities? Explain with Examples. (10)
2. Why should companies listen to their customers? Explain with Examples. (10)
3. Describe various aspects of employee training for an effective service recovery
programme. (10)
4. What do you understand by team work? Describe the benefits and attributes of team work?
. (10)
5. What is customer experience Management? Describe the benefits of customer experience
management? (10)
6. What is complaint management? Explain the complaint management process. (10)
8. Write short notes on:
c) Service quality
d) Word of mouth communication (5+5)
(B) Essay Type Questions
8. Discuss the ways in which customer loyalty is built for a Retail store. (15)

9. List out the prerequisites of selling. Explain each of them with examples. (5+10)

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