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BRL-002 Retail Marketing and Communication SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2019-2020


BRL-002 Solved Assignment 2019-2020


Course Code : BRL-002
Course Title : Retail Marketing and Communication
Assignment Code : BRL-002/TMA/2019-20
Coverage : All Blocks

Title Name

BRL-002 Solved Assignment 2019-20

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Retailing
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2019-2020 Course: BBA
Session 2019-20
Short Name BRL-002
Assignment Code BRL – 002/TMA/2019-20
Product Assignment of BBA 2019-20 (IGNOU)
Submission Date 1. Those who are enrolled in July 2019, it is valid up to June 2020.
2. Those who are enrolled in January 2020,it is valid up to December 2020.



Attempt all the questions
(A) Short Type questions.
1. What do you understand by the term “Marketing mix”? Explain with an example. (10)
2. Explain the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. (10)
3. What is “SPIN” Selling? (10)
4. What is Retail Promotion? Explain the objectives of retail promotion mix. (10)
5. Explain various categories of advertising with specific examples. (10)
6. What is In-Store promotion? What are the objectives of In-Store promotions? (10)
7. What are the different types of stores? (10)
(B) Essay Type Questions
8. What are the stages of Consumer decision making and its impact on retail strategies?
Specify with an example. (15)
9. Explain the various pricing strategies. (15)


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