BRL-002 Retail Marketing and Communication SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-2019


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Course Code : BRL-002
Course Title : Retail Marketing and Communication
Assignment Code : BRL-002/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

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Attempt all the questions.
(A) Short Answer Type Questions
1. Define Retailing and explain the Retail strategy and its quadrants. (2+8)
2. Discuss the various factors that affect the shopping behavior of consumers. (10)
3. Explain the 12 steps selling process with suitable examples. (10)
4. (a) What is spin selling?
(b) Describe the term ‘closing the sell’. (5+5)
5. Explain briefly the various types of retail stores. (10)
6. Describe the role information technology in personal selling (10)
7. What does sales promotion? How does it help in product promotion? (10)
(B) Essay Type Question
8. What do you understand by Retailing decisions? State the emerging trends in retail
marketing in media. (15)
9. What are the objectives of retail promotion mix? Explain the ways of avoiding errors
while communicating retail messages. (15)

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