BRL-001 Overview of Retailing SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2018-2019

BRL-001 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code : BRL–001
Course Title : Overview of Retailing
Assignment Code : BRL-001/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

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Attempt all the questions.
(A) Short Type Questions
1. Explain emerging retailing trends and issues in India with examples. (10)
2. Describe various factors which influence consumer behavior in retailing. (10)

3. Explain various types of retail formats with examples. (10)
4. How is security important in Retail? Explain the security aspects in Retailing. (10)
5. Discuss the precautions which should be taken while handling the technology in a Retail
store. (10)
6. Describe the measures that are to be taken to minimize the shrinkages? Explain with
examples. (10)
7. Write short notes on:
a) Cross-merchandising
b) E-tailing (5+5)

(B) Essay Type Questions
8. Explain the applications of technology in the retail sector. (15)

9. What is franchisee? Discuss the factors which would you consider for taking a franchisee?

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