BLI-225 COMMUNICATION SKILLS in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

BLI-225 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code: BLI-225
Course: Communication Skills

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2018 Jan.2019
Blocks: 1 to 5
Units: 1-18 Total Marks: 70

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Note: Answer all questions.
1) Read the passage carefully then answer the questions that follow:
A tornado is a very violent windstorm, in which the air whirls rapidly upwards in a grayish
funnel-shaped cloud, with its tip near the ground. It twists and sways in the sky like a diving
thing and moves in a straight line over the countryside at about 6 to 30 m.p.h. No one knows
exactly what starts a tornado, but it certainly happens when extremely hot, moist air meets
cold, dry air. When two kinds of air try to pass each other, they get locked together and the
hot air spirals upwards more and more quickly until it may be whirling round between 400 to
500 m.p.h.
Tornadoes do a vast amount of damage, even though they seldom last for more than an hour
or two. The speed of the whirling air makes quite small things such as grains of sand into
dangerous weapons. Once in America, a corn cob picked up by a tornado shot through a
horse’s skull and killed the horse. The hot air spiraling upwards sucks up everything in its
path, rather as a vacuum cleaner does. Tornadoes have been known to tear steel bridges from
their foundations, to uproot large trees and to lift trains off their lines. People and animals
have been lifted and carried some distance; a horse, for example, was once picked up, carried
3 kilometres, and put down again unhurt. Queer things happen such as corks flying out of
bottles and closed boxes and hoses exploding as the air within them rushes out with great
A waterspout is a tornado that happens over sea. The whirling air sucks up water, and the
waterspout moves along with a hissing, roaring crashing noise. Sometimes tiny fish are
caught up, and their scales make the whirling column sparkle. When a water spout passes
from sea to land it becomes a tornado.
Hurricanes are even more terrible than tornadoes. Nowhere are they more terrible and more
frequent than in the West Indies, and the name ‘hurricane’ comes from the name of West
Indian God of storms, Hunraken. They are called tropical cyclones in India, typhoons in
China and Japan and willy-sillies in northern Australia.
a. How does a tornado generally start? (2)
b. Give four instances from the passage of the damage that tornadoes have done. (2)
c. Which storm is worse than the tornado? In which part of the world are those storms most
frequent. (2)
d. What is a waterspout in the context of the passage. (1½)
e. Give the different names of a hurricane. (1½)
f. From paragraph one pick out four words which describe the movement of the wind/ air
during a tornado. (2)
g. Find words from the passage which are opposite of the following words: (4)
i Dry ii Tiny
iii Frequently iv Safe
h. Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following: (5)
i very forceful ii spins
iii in its way iv strange
v shine
2) What is a profile? Explain the importance of profile and the points to be mentioned while
writing a profile. (10)
3) Complete the following telephone conversation with suitable expressions:(2×5=10)
a) Good afternoon Miss.Ezoni! I wonder whether the chief librarian would
be interested to ______________? I regret to inform that the Dr.Yanpo,
the chief librarian___________________________.
b) Mr.Chumben, what are the latest________________ available in the
district library of Wokha? Well, the library is subscribing to all the
latest________________________ in science and social science
c) Mr.Eric, does good communication skills help in___________________?
Indeed, having good communication skills help us in
d) Is Prof. Chon delivering lecture________________________? Yes, the
lecture is on _________________________ and you are
e) Hello, Murry, will you teach me _____________? I will certainly teach
you the latest___________________
4) Prepare five suitable slides for making presentation on any one of the following topics.
a). Writing process
b). Writing reports
5) Write short notes on the following in about 100 words each. (10)
a). Questionnaire method
b). Group discussion
6) Write a letter to the HRD minister for providing special funds for conducting computer
skills for enhancing all the library staffs.

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