BLI-223 ORGANISING AND MANAGING INFORMATION in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

BLI-223 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Coverage: Course Code: BLI-223
Course: Organising and Managing Information

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.18-Jan.19

Blocks: 1 to 4
Units: 1 to 14 Total Marks: 70

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Note: Answer all questions.
I) Answer the following questions in not more than 500 words each. (4X10=40 Marks)
1. What is metadata? Discuss its different types based on its role in electronic
environment. (10)
2. Explain the structural design of a MARC record. (10)
3. Differentiate between natural language and indexing language. Explain the structure
of an indexing language. (10)
4. Make a comparative presentation between enumerative and faceted classification
systems giving examples. (10)
II) Answer the following questions in not more than 250 words each.( 6X5=30 Marks)
1. Discuss the notational systems of CC, DDC and UDC. (5)
2. Explain the cataloguing of cartographic material according to AACR2R with an
example. (5)
3. Explain the need for notation in library classification. Discuss its qualities. (5)
4. Discuss the genus-species relation and its treatment in classification with examples.
5. Differentiate between pre-coordinate and post-coordinate indexing systems. (5)
6. State the objectives of vocabulary control. Discuss the methods used for achieving it.

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